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Photo of class at Irvin School, Monroe County, MS courtesy of Johnny Northington.  John's Grandmother Alice Camp Northington is fourth person from the left.  The small child in the front row is Luthel Pickle Markham, holding her arm is her sister Clytee.  Mrs. Luthel was born 1909.  We think this picture was made a few years after 1909.  The Irvin school was one room with a wood heater and they drank spring water.  These persons are thought to have attended Irvin School:   Alice Camp, Luthel Pickle, Clytee Pickle, Dolly Pickle, Ida Pickle, Zena Pickle, Clarence Young, Marvin Irvin, Garvin Irvin, Mattie Camp, Grady Irvin, Ruth Irvin, ? Jenkins,   Vola Irvin, Velma Irvin, three Danner girls, Elmer Young, Geraldine Cox, Herbert Pickle .  If you can identify anyone in this picture or have information contact Johnny Northington  or MS B.  We hope to identify each one with your help!!!

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