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Descendants of William H. King



Generation No. 1


1. WILLIAM H.1 KING was born 1812 in GA, and died September 13, 1857 in ALabama. He married (1) RUHHAMAH JESOP 1837. She died April 04, 1838. He married (2) ELIZABETH RUSHING 1838. She was born March 27, 1812 in TN, and died August 06, 1895 in Alabama.

Notes for WILLIAM H. KING:

Information on births of the children of William and his two wives were taken from the family Bible of John Robert King, which is in the possession of Lucille Crowe, Mentone, AL. Bible could have belonged to William H. King before John Robert. This is assumed because of the way the births and marriages were listed in the Bible. Info about the burials of Wm and Elizabeth are taken from information obtained from Josephine King's sheet. I have not verified this info as of March 29, 1998.


First wife of William King.

Middle initial could be W. according to family Bible. Death taken from John Robert King's Bible. It was listed in family Bible as Ruhamah W. King.



Elizabeth was second wife of William King. It has been passed down through the years that Elizabeth was 'Black Dutch'. The so-called 'Black Dutch" have long been a most discussed topic in American genealogy. Their descendants are widely reported , yet no authoritative definition exists for this intriguing term. Inconclusive explanations are:

There are strong indications that the original "Black Dutch" were swarthy complexioned Germans.

Anglo-Americans loosely applied the term to any dark-complexioned American of European descent.

The term was adopted as an attempt to disquise Indian or infrequently, tri-racial descent.


By the mid 1800's the term had become an American colloquialism; a derogative term for anuthing denoting one's small stature, dark coloring, working-class status, political sentiments, or anyone of foreign extraction.

One popular theroy is that they were of Jewish descent. But the Genealogical Institute in Salt Lake

City says that during an in-depth study there was "absolutely no Jewish culture tie-in found.

Another popular theroy is that they were Netherlanders of dark complexion who were descendants of the Spanish who occupied The Netherlands in the late 16th century and early 17th century and intermarried with blonde natives.

Some genealogists have suggested that the Black Dutch were either an off-shoot of the Melungeons or one of the tri-racial isolate groups in Appalachia.

Most have traced their "Black Dutch" ancestors to Tennessee. Still others have found earlier lines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. The term is especially common among families with Southern roots. A survey revealed that nearly 60 percent of the genealogists reporting ancestry that claimed to be "Black Dutch' bear surnames that are either German or Americanized from German


Elizabeth Rushing King is said to have been of small stature and of dark complexion.




1880 Winston County Census has Elizabeth living with son Henry Wilson and family. Her age was listed as 67 years.



i. NEWTON J2 KING, b. December 15, 1837; d. September 17, 1839.

Notes for NEWTON J KING:

Death Date is hard to read in family Bible.Could have been year 1837 instead of 1839. We chose 1839 it seemed more readable..




2. ii. JOHN ROBERT2 KING, b. September 09, 1839, Georgia; d. September 26, 1893, Monroe County Ms.

iii. G W WILSON KING, b. October 05, 1840; d. Unknown.

Notes for G W WILSON KING:

Was listed in the family Bible of John Robert Kings's. No other info found todate, April 20, 1998.

iv. LOUISE FRANCES B KING, b. May 24, 1842; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE W. WILSON; b. October 15, 1840; d. Unknown.

v. SARAH ANN REBBKAH WOODARD KING, b. January 28, 1844; d. Unknown; m. FRANCIS M. LANGERDS; b. December 01, 1831; d. April 02, 1870.


Buried at Old Bethel NE Nauvoo, Winston County, AL



Buried at Old Bethel, NE Nauvoo, Winston County AL


3. vi. HENRY WILSON KING, b. March 21, 1846, Fayette County AL; d. June 30, 1916, Nauvoo, Winston County AL.

vii. JOEL BRU KING, b. February 15, 1848, Tuscaloosa, County, AL; d. February 28, 1936; m. MARY LOUISE WEST; b. April 22, 1851; d. May 08, 1921.

Notes for JOEL BRU KING:

Info is taken fromJosephine H. King's data, except birthdate and that was taken from John Robert King's Family Bible.

Buried at Concord Cemetery, Natural Bridge, Winston County AL



Buried at Concord Cemetery, Natural Bridge, Winston County AL

viii. WILLIAM DB KING, b. May 01, 1850; d. December 19, 1850.

ix. MARTHA JANE KING, b. December 30, 1852; d. December 15, 1940; m. THOMAS NOLES; b. October 06, 1844; d. February 22, 1923.


Buried at Old Bethel,NE of Nauvoo, Winston County, AL.


Buried at Old Bethel, N. E. Nauvoo, Winston County, AL.

x. RUHAMAH ELIZABETH KING, b. October 28, 1856; d. June 22, 1866.


Josephine King's information states that Ruhamah has her birthdate listed as 28 Oct. 1855..



Generation No. 2


2. JOHN ROBERT2 KING (WILLIAM H.1) was born September 09, 1839 in Georgia, and died September 26, 1893 in Monroe County Ms. He married SARAH MARGARET LOVELADY, daughter of ? and ?. She was born April 24, 1841 in Georgia, and died March 30, 1902 in Monroe County Ms.


Listed in the 1900 Monroe County Ms census as living with John H. and Nancy Ann Riggan.


Children of JOHN KING and SARAH LOVELADY are:

4. i. MARTHA UGENIA3 KING, b. November 20, 1859; d. Unknown.

5. ii. MARGARET ELIZABETH KING, b. November 10, 1862; d. 1925, Buried in Kingville Cemetery, Lamar County AL.

6. iii. LOUISA ADLINE KING, b. March 29, 1866; d. August 15, 1922, Lamar County AL.

7. iv. NANCY ANN KING, b. August 13, 1868; d. Unknown, Buried in Riggan Cemetery, Monroe County Ms.

v. WILLIAM SOLOMON KING, b. March 05, 1871; d. Unknown; m. MAE; d. Unknown.


Fact 1: Had no children.

8. vi. THEODOCIA ADINA KING, b. October 21, 1873; d. December 11, 1954, Buried in Blaylock Cemetery, Lamar County AL.

9. vii. WILLIE WASHINGTON KING, b. March 23, 1876, Alabama; d. February 20, 1950, Lamar County Al.

10. viii. JOEL HIRAM HENRY KING, b. November 03, 1878, Alabama; d. June 26, 1969, Hamilton, Marion County Ala.


3. HENRY WILSON2 KING (WILLIAM H.1) was born March 21, 1846 in Fayette County AL, and died June 30, 1916 in Nauvoo, Winston County AL. He married MARY JANE TUCKER 1868, daughter of SIMEON TUCKER and MARY WEST. She was born October 25, 1846 in Lynn, Winston County AL, and died June 23, 1916 in Nauvoo, Winston County AL.


Most information on the Henry Wilson King line was supplied by Deanna Martin.

In John Robert King's Family Bible the birthdate looked to be March 31, 1846

Deanna Martin has the date March 21, 1846 .



Could have been born in Fayette Co. AL?


Children of HENRY KING and MARY TUCKER are:

i. CORDELLA3 KING, b. 1869, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. 1869, Nauvoo, Winston County AL.


Still born.

ii. MARY ELIZABETH KING, b. November 23, 1870, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. January 29, 1950; m. JAMES PATTON; d. Unknown.

11. iii. JOEL JACKSON KING, b. September 04, 1872, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. August 03, 1945, Haleyville Winston County AL.

iv. MARTHA JANE KING, b. June 23, 1873, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. April 19, 1914; m. JOHN WINT, November 23, 1905; d. Unknown.

v. HENRY MILTON KING, b. March 1875, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. March 21, 1875, Nauvoo, Winston County AL.

vi. JESSE THOMAS KING, b. October 1876, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. Abt. 1876, Nauvoo, Winston County AL.


Died a infant.

vii. WILLIAM NEWTON KING, b. 1877, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. 1877, Nauvoo, Winston County AL.


Died a infant.

viii. SIMEAN KING, b. 1878, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. 1878, Nauvoo, Winston County AL.

Notes for SIMEAN KING:

Died a infant.

ix. VIRGIL MERRILL KING, b. December 06, 1879, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. Unknown; m. (1) MAGGIE?; d. Unknown; m. (2) BONNIE?; d. Unknown.

x. RMINDA REBECCA ANN KING, b. October 01, 1880, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. Unknown; m. ROBERT MULLINS, Dec 25 1910; d. Unknown.

xi. DOCK HENDON KING, b. March 16, 1882, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. Unknown; m. DOCIA ROMINE, August 02, 1909; d. Unknown.

xii. JOHN DAVID KING, b. December 20, 1883, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. Unknown; m. ETHEL PRESTRIDGE, May 1913; d. Unknown.

12. xiii. GEORGE WASHINGTON KING, b. May 03, 1886, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. December 29, 1948, Nauvoo, Winston County AL.

xiv. SARAH LOUISA KING, b. June 15, 1888, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. Unknown; m. JOE M. PATTON, June 18, 1912; d. Unknown.



Generation No. 3


4. MARTHA UGENIA3 KING (JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born November 20, 1859, and died Unknown. She married MIZE. He died Unknown.


Leona Carden Lewis remembers that after her mother, Adline Louisa King Carden died in 1922, she went to Double Springs in Winston County and stayed two weeks with Aunt Genie and the Drew Mize family. She said at that time Drew had a store in Double Springs because she could remember his wife getting cloth out of the store and making Leona a dress.

Lula Bell King Woolbright and Connie King Cobb can remember Aunt Genie visiting in their home when they were young. She would come and stay weeks at the time.


Children of MARTHA KING and MIZE are:

i. JOHN4 MIZE, d. Unknown.

ii. DREW MIZE, d. Unknown.


5. MARGARET ELIZABETH3 KING (JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born November 10, 1862, and died 1925 in Buried in Kingville Cemetery, Lamar County AL. She married ANDREW JACKSON HARBIN, son of JOHN HARBIN and MARY FOWLER. He was born November 13, 1862, and died November 16, 1928 in Buried in Kingville Cemetery, Lamar County AL.



i. JOHN4 HARBIN, d. Unknown; m. LILLIE MURPHY, Private; b. Private.

ii. NANCY JANE HARBIN, b. June 13, 1889; d. February 15, 1975; m. MIKE JOHNSON; d. Unknown.

iii. ETHEL HARBIN, b. 1893; d. 1954; m. BOYETT; d. Unknown.

iv. LUCIEN HARBIN, d. Unknown.

v. MAE BEATRICE HARBIN, b. May 31, 1900; d. May 26, 1910; m. EARNEST RAY; d. Unknown.


6. LOUISA ADLINE3 KING (JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born March 29, 1866, and died August 15, 1922 in Lamar County AL. She married SAMUEL ROBERT CARDEN. He was born November 18, 1836, and died September 09, 1908 in Lamar County AL.


Married to Samuel Robert Carden, who was 16 years older than her. Before she married Mr. Carden , she was seeing a man named Billy Roden. It seems that they were planning to be married, but he was killed one night on his way home. Someone killed him with his own gun. Husband Samuel R. died and she had to make a living for herself and three children, Sarah Jane, Robert and Leona. They farmed and raised their own food. She sewed for people such as the Winchester White family and Eddy Evans family and she also quilted for other people.

Her daughter Leona, who was 96 years old in February 1998, remembers her Mother baking yeast loaf bread on the fireplace in a black iron skillet with a lid that sat on legs. They had a stove but Adline loved the bread baked in the fireplace. She also baked a corn loaf cake tht was really good, especially with butter while it was hot. Leona remembers a neighbor who would stop by to see if any fresh bread was cooked.

Chicken pie was another favorite dish that Leona remembers her Mother cooking. She remembers that Robert her brother and Evans had the same birthday and on one birthday her Mother ccooked a large chicken pie for all of them and they celebrated.

Adline made soap using animal fat, ashes and lye.

The Carden's didn't have a storm house. When it was stormy they family went to a neighbors storm house, usually the Billy Blaylocks, Uncle Wash Kings, or some of the Evans family.

Leona remembers that her Mother had long hair and it had no gray when she died. She was sick for two years. Doctor Buckalew, who was her doctor, said that she had heart dropsey. Her son Robert had to cut her hair when she was bedridden, because they couldn't care for it since it was so long.




Samuel R. Carden served in the Confederate Army. Story is that he lost the sight in one eye during battle. Later on he was working cleaning off a ditch bank and a limb hit him in the eye and he lost the sight on the other eye. At the time of his death he was blind.

I wonder if he was married before Rhoda.


Children of LOUISA KING and SAMUEL CARDEN are:

i. SARA JANE4 CARDEN, d. Unknown.


Buried in Hollis Cem in Lamar County, AL.

13. ii. ROBERT M. CARDEN, b. August 21, 1897, Lamar County AL; d. November 19, 1967, Lamar County AL.

iii. LEONA CARDEN, b. Private; m. WALTER CLEVE LEWIS, Private; d. 1982.

iv. INF SON CARDEN, b. May 04, 1904; d. May 04, 1904, Lamar County AL.


Buried in Evans Cem.

v. INF. SON CARDEN, b. May 04, 1904; d. May 04, 1904, Lamar County AL.

Notes for INF. SON CARDEN:

Buried in Evans Cemetery.

vi. INF SON CARDEN, b. April 24, 1905; d. April 24, 1905, Lamar County AL.


Buried in Evans Cem..


7. NANCY ANN3 KING (JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born August 13, 1868, and died Unknown in Buried in Riggan Cemetery, Monroe County Ms. She married JOHN H. RIGGAN Unknown. He was born September 19, 1857, and died May 04, 1904 in Buried in Riggan Cemetery, Monroe County Ms.


Buried in Riggan Cemetery, Monroe County MS in an unmarked grave.

According to 1910 census on Nancy Ann and son James are living. Since 1900 census, Nancy Ann has buried her husband, three children and her mother.

Notes for JOHN H. RIGGAN:

According to 1900 Census John H> owned 263 acres. Occupation was farmer.

Andrew J. Thomas was listed as a servant.


Children of NANCY KING and JOHN RIGGAN are:

i. PARRY4 RIGGAN, b. September 21, 1892; d. October 06, 1892, Monroe County Ms.


Buried in Riggan Cemetery, Monroe County, MS

ii. NORA L. RIGGAN, b. November 17, 1894; d. November 22, 1903, Monroe County Ms.

Notes for NORA L. RIGGAN:

Buried in Riggan Cemetery, Monroe County, MS

iii. CORA L. RIGGAN, b. September 11, 1896; d. October 21, 1901, Monroe County MS.

iv. JAMES N.. RIGGAN, b. July 1898; d. Unknown.


8. THEODOCIA ADINA3 KING (JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born October 21, 1873, and died December 11, 1954 in Buried in Blaylock Cemetery, Lamar County AL. She married DANIEL ANDREW BLAYLOCK July 25, 1897 in Shiloh North Metodist Church, Lamar County AL, son of JOHN BLAYLOCK and MALINDA RAY. He was born September 26, 1874, and died April 10, 1911 in Buried In Blaylock Cemetery, Lamar County AL.



i. LULA4 BLAYLOCK, b. Private; m. CARLOS RHUDY, Private; d. Unknown.

14. ii. WILLIAM BLAYLOCK, b. Private.

iii. JOHN BLAYLOCK, b. Private.


9. WILLIE WASHINGTON3 KING (JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born March 23, 1876 in Alabama, and died February 20, 1950 in Lamar County Al. He married SARAH TELITHA EVANS September 09, 1897 in Lamar County Al, daughter of RICHARD EVANS and NANCY NOE. She was born September 04, 1880 in Lamar County Al, and died October 24, 1962 in Lamar County Al.


Taken from the Lamar Democrat

Wash W. King Prominent Co. Citizen Buried

Final rites for Wash King prominent county citizen were held today (Wednesday) at Evins Cemetery with the local pastor officiating. Mr. King died Monday night at his home north of Sulligent. He was 73 years of age. Funeral services were held at Shiloh North Methodist Church where he had been a member for many years.

He was loved and respected by all who knew him and for many years had taken an active part in all things for the good of his community, county and state. He was a member of the Democratic Executive Committee.

Surviving is the widow, Mrs. Sarah Evans King; five sons, Clay, Birmingham, Claude, Whiteville, NC, Clarence and Clyden King of Greenwood Springs, Miss.; four daughters Mrs. Jack Woolbright and Mrs. Connie Cobb both of Sulligent, Mrs. Murray Paul of Birmingham, and Mrs. Louise Crump of Norfolk, VA; one brother J. H. King, Hamilton and one sister Mrs. Dina Blaylock, Greenwood Springs.

Falkner's Funeral Home of Vernon, was in charge.


( Carl King was omitted from the listing of surviving sons.)


Children of WILLIE KING and SARAH EVANS are:

15. i. CLARENCE GREEN4 KING, b. September 04, 1898, Lamar AL; d. December 22, 1955, Monroe County Ms.

16. ii. THOMAS CLYDE KING, b. December 20, 1900, Lamar AL; d. December 22, 1981, Monroe ?Ms.

17. iii. WILLIAM CLAUDE KING, b. February 14, 1903; d. March 22, 1972, Valdosta GA.

iv. RUBY JANE KING, b. September 05, 1905; d. May 17, 1908, Buried in Evans Cemetery, Lamar County, AL.

18. v. NANCY PEARL KING, b. July 29, 1907, Lamar County AL; d. July 17, 1988, Tarrant City, AL.

19. vi. CONNIE MAE KING, b. Private.

20. vii. LULA BELL KING, b. Private.

21. viii. CARL WOODROW KING, b. May 30, 1914, Lamar County AL; d. Unknown, Jefferson County AL.

22. ix. CHESTER CLAY KING, b. February 29, 1916; d. July 15, 1989, Amory MS.

23. x. ELENNA LOUISE KING, b. Private.


10. JOEL HIRAM HENRY3 KING (JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born November 03, 1878 in Alabama, and died June 26, 1969 in Hamilton, Marion County Ala. He married MARY ELIZA MOZLEY November 1901 in Shiloh North Metodist Church, Lamar County AL, daughter of JAMES MOZLEY and MARY EVANS. She was born August 12, 1885, and died November 30, 1962.


Martha Ugenia King Mize used to say about Joel that "he is the best King by name and he is the devil on wheels". Joel wife's passed this little tidbet on to her children!

Birthdates and other info on the family of Joel and Eliza King were given by Lucille Crowe, Omie Bishop, Richard & Olene King in the fall of 1997. Lula Bell King Woolbright, Connie King Cobb and Barbara Woolbright Carruth visited in the home of Richard and Olene King. Lucille and Omie were also visiting.

A grand time was had by all 'shaking our family tree'.


Fact 1: Buried in Hamilton City Cemetary, AL


Eliza Mosely and Sarah Evans married brothers and Sarah was also Eliza's aunt. The two were very close but didn't get to see each other that much through the years. The brothers Joel and Willie didn't seem to enjoy each others company very well at times!


Children of JOEL KING and MARY MOZLEY are:

i. ANNIE JANE4 KING, b. August 28, 1902; d. February 22, 1968; m. PALMER; d. Unknown.

ii. FLORA LEE KING, b. September 28, 1905; d. December 20, 1905, Lamar County AL.


Buried in Evans Cemetery located NW of Sulligent, AL.

iii. BIRTHA LOVE KING, b. December 01, 1906; d. March 15, 1907.

iv. BERTIE MAE KING, b. August 30, 1908; d. February 06, 1940, Lamar County AL.


Buried in Evans Cemetery located NW of Sulligent, AL

v. DOROTHY LEVINIA KING, b. December 26, 1910; d. January 14, 1950; m. WILLIAM POLK MULLINS, Private; b. Private.

vi. NAOMI EVELYN KING, b. Private; m. FREDDIE BISHOP, Private; b. Private.

vii. RAYMOND BROOKS KING, b. Private; m. ELOIS TRIBBLE, Private; b. Private.

viii. JAMES RICHARD KING, b. Private; m. OLENE BURKS, Private; b. Private.

ix. RUBY KING, b. Private; m. RAYMOND GERALD LEE BROCK, Private; b. Private.

x. ALBERT PAUL KING, b. Private; m. VELMA WILLIAMS, Private; b. Private.

xi. RUTH LUCILLE KING, b. Private; m. CHESTER CROWE, Private; b. Private.

xii. JOEL JUNIOR KING, b. Private; m. (1) PAULINE MOXLEY, Private; b. Private; m. (2) SUE CAROLYN FROST PETTET, Private; b. Private.

xiii. HOWARD EUGENE KING, b. August 22, 1928; d. November 23, 1970; m. CORDELIA BRYSON, Private; b. Private.


11. JOEL JACKSON3 KING (HENRY WILSON2, WILLIAM H.1) was born September 04, 1872 in Nauvoo, Winston County AL, and died August 03, 1945 in Haleyville Winston County AL. He married (1) EMMA MCNUTT. She died Unknown. He married (2) ISABELL PATTON September 01, 1893. She died January 21, 1898.


Buried in the City Cemetery in Haleyville, Winston County, AL


Buried in the City Cemetery Haleyville, Winston County, Al




i. BART BELL4 KING, b. January 21, 1898, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. October 19, 1946, Haleyville Winston County AL; m. DORA EVELYN SIMS, Private; b. Private.


12. GEORGE WASHINGTON3 KING (HENRY WILSON2, WILLIAM H.1) was born May 03, 1886 in Nauvoo, Winston County AL, and died December 29, 1948 in Nauvoo, Winston County AL. He married WINNIE ETHEL BAILEY June 30, 1913. She died Unknown.


Children of GEORGE KING and WINNIE BAILEY are:

i. JOYCE LOUISE4 KING, b. Private; m. HERSHEL ZELPHA DYE, Private; b. Private.

24. ii. WILLIAM HOWARD KING, b. Private.

iii. STERLING SHORES KING, b. Private; m. BATCHELOR, Private; b. Private.

iv. GEORGE MCKINLEY KING, b. June 13, 1920, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. February 18, 1980, Seattle, WA; m. BATCHELOR?, Private; b. Private.


Buried in Brace Cemetery, Brace TN.

v. HASKEL LARRY KING, b. September 22, 1922, Nauvoo, Winston County AL; d. February 1982, Columbia, Murray County, TN; m. MAY DOLYN MURPHY, Private; b. Private.

vi. JACQUELINE KING, b. Private; m. PAUL E. HAUETER?, Private; b. Private.

vii. OLA EARNESTINE KING, b. Private; m. SPINSTER, Private; b. Private.

viii. HERBERT HOOVER KING, b. Private; m. FAYE, Private; b. Private.

ix. JEWEL WYNELLE KING, b. Private; m. GLEN REED ELLISON, Private; b. Private.

x. CHARLES LOYD KING, b. December 18, 1932, Brace, Lawrence County TN; d. November 22, 1934, Brace, Lawrence County TN.


Buried in Brace Cemetery. Was almost two years old at his death.

xi. BARBARA ANN KING, b. Private; m. DONALD J. MAYER, Private; b. Private.



Generation No. 4


13. ROBERT M.4 CARDEN (LOUISA ADLINE3 KING, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born August 21, 1897 in Lamar County AL, and died November 19, 1967 in Lamar County AL. He met AVIST BLAYLOCK Private. She was born Private.


Buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery near Detroit, AL. Robert was a farmer and lived in the Shiloh North or Lost Creek Community located about 5 miles NW of Sulligent, AL.



i. JAMES5 CARDEN, b. Private; m. AZALE CHRISTIAN, Private; b. Private.

ii. LAVERN CARDEN, b. Private; m. GENE RISNER, Private; b. Private.

iii. GWYNETH JEAN CARDEN, b. Private; m. WAYNE DALTON, Private; b. Private.


14. WILLIAM4 BLAYLOCK (THEODOCIA ADINA3 KING, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born Private. He met ODDIE BEA SMITH Private. She was born Private.



i. DANIEL5 BLAYLOCK, b. Private.

ii. THOMAS BLAYLOCK, b. Private.


15. CLARENCE GREEN4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born September 04, 1898 in Lamar AL, and died December 22, 1955 in Monroe County Ms. He married (1) BEATRICE PICKLE April 09, 1916, daughter of WILLIE PICKLE and LEONA HARRIS. She was born October 09, 1900 in Monroe County Ms, and died October 19, 1927 in Monroe County Ms. He met (2) FLOREE RAY Private, daughter of FRANCES RAY and ADELENA IRVIN. She was born Private.


Taken from the Lamar Democrat

Clarence G. King age 57, of Greenwood Springs, Miss died Thursday December 22 at his home. Mr. King had been sick for some two years. Funeral services were held Saturday, December 24 at the Pickle Cemetery with Rev. R. P. York and Rev. C. R. Puckett officiating. Arrangements were by Falkner's Funeral Home.

Pallbearers were: Guy Ford, Raymond Norton, Talmadge Thompson, Charles King, Walter Blalock and William Blalock. Serving on the flower committee were: Gene Beard, Magalene Beard, Hazel Carter, Joyce Tate, Shirley Tate, Betty Joe Tate, Evelyn Knight, Grace Scott, Vina Lou Puckett, Laura Cobb, Sue Norton, Eula Brown, Loudell Pennington, Estelle Johnson, Betty Wilson, Gene Brown and Alvie Hulfstutter.

Surviving relatives are: wife, Mrs. Floree King; mother, Mrs. Sara King; two sons, W. C. King, Billie King; five daughters, Mrs. Sumpter Black, Mrs Grady Ervin, Mrs. Burlie Murphy, Mrs. Elmer Knight, and Mrs. Sam Manire; four brothers, Clyde, Claude, Carl and Clay; four sisters, Mrs. Murray Paul, Mrs. Jack Woolbright, Mrs. Lando Cobb and Mrs. Bill Pickle; seven grandchildren.

Note: Mrs. Grady Ervin shoud be Mrs. Grady Irvin and Mrs. Louis Pickle should be Mrs. Louis Picot.


Fact 1: Buried in Pickle Cem Monroe Co, MS


Fact 1: Buried in Pickle Cem Monroe Co, MS



i. HAZEL MARIE5 KING, b. June 06, 1917; d. June 23, 1997, Buried in Pickle Cemetery, Monroe County, MS; m. SUMPTER BLACK; b. April 24, 1913, Monroe County Ms; d. January 06, 1959, Buried in Pickle Cemetery, Monroe County, MS.


Fact 1: Buried in Pickle Cem Monroe Co, MS


Fact 1: Buried in Pickle Cem Monroe Co, MS

ii. MADIE LORENE, b. July 09, 1919; d. July 03, 1988, Buried in Pickle Cemetery, Monroe County, MS; m. GRADY IRVIN, November 12, 1939; b. March 21, 1909; d. Unknown, Buried in Pickle Cemetery, Monroe County, MS..

iii. EUNICE CRIM KING, b. Private; m. BURLEY MURPHY, Private; b. November 11, 1915; d. May 09, 1970, Zion, IL..


Taken from funeral notes found in the Shiloh North Methodist Church files.

Burles "Dide" Murphy of Zion, IL born Nov. 11, 1915, died May 9, 1970 at the age of 54. Survived by Eunice, wife; two sons, Douglas of Zion, Danny at homeand one daughter Doris ( Mrs. John) Petersen of Waukegan. Three grandchildren. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. K.

Murphy of Greenwood Springs, Ms, Route one. Three brothers, Burton and Billy of Zion, IL, J. L. of Detroit,AL. Two sisters, May ( Mrs. Floyd) Reeves of Picayune, Miss and Mrs. Hoyt (Laverne) Rye of Louisville, KY.

iv. STELLA NADINE KING, b. Private; m. ELMERCARROLL KNIGHT, Private; b. April 23, 1920; d. March 18, 1994.

v. W. C. KING, b. March 20, 1925; d. March 15, 1998, Warrior, AL; m. CATHERINE BROWN, Private; b. Private.

More About W. C. KING:

Fact 1: March 17, 1998, Buried in Pickle Cem Monroe Co, MS

vi. LOIS ADINE KING, b. Private.




vii. BILLY GLENN5 KING, b. Private; m. MARY ELIZABETH DRAKE, Private; b. Private.


16. THOMAS CLYDE4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born December 20, 1900 in Lamar AL, and died December 22, 1981 in Monroe ?Ms. He met MARY LOU KINARD Private. She was born Private.


Children of THOMAS KING and MARY KINARD are:

i. CHARLES CLYDE5 KING, b. October 10, 1934, Buried in Sulligent City Cemetery; d. January 25, 1999, Buried in Sulligent City Cemetery; m. PATRICIA CONNER, Private; b. Private.

ii. BURLEY JEROME KING, b. November 10, 1929; d. September 14, 1934, Buried in Crenshaw Cemetery. Monroe Co, MS.

iii. ROBERT FRANK KING, b. September 26, 1932; d. February 13, 1933, Buried in Crenshaw Cemetery. Monroe Co, MS.


17. WILLIAM CLAUDE4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born February 14, 1903, and died March 22, 1972 in Valdosta GA. He met MABLE B KINARD Private, daughter of GLARIN KINARD and BESSIE CRENSHAW. She was born Private.


Buried in the Crenshaw Cemetery in Monroe County MS.

Taken from the Lamar Democrat:

King Dies in Georgia, rites in Pickle Chanpel

William Claude King, 69, died st the South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta, GA at 3:00 am Wednesday after an extended illness.

A native of Lamar County, Ala, he married Mable Kinard in 1928 and she survives. They moved to Georgia in 1951 where he was in the lumber business until retirement in 1965. He was a member of the Greenwood Springs Methodist Church and was a Mason.

Funeral services were Friday at 2 pm in Pickle Funeral Home Chapel with burial in Crenshaw Cemetery. Masonic graveside rites were held. The Rev. Walter Carpenter officiated assisted by the Rev. Herman Wesson.

He also leaves a daughter, Mrs. Leland Stephens of Valdosta ; three brothers, Thomas Clyde King of Greenwood Springs, Carl W. King of Birmingham, Ala and Chester C. King of Smithville; Four sisters, Mrs. William Murray Paul of Birmingham, Mrs. Connie Cobb and Mrs. H. L. Woolbright both of Sulligent, Ala and Mrs. Louise Pecot of Norfolk, Va, two grandchildren. His nephews served as pallbearers.



i. MARY BRODERICK5 KING, b. Private; m. LELAND STEPHENSON, Private; b. Private.


18. NANCY PEARL4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born July 29, 1907 in Lamar County AL, and died July 17, 1988 in Tarrant City, AL. She married WILLIAM MURRAY PAUL October 12, 1924. He was born June 15, 1903, and died April 19, 1978 in Tarrant City, AL.


Children of NANCY KING and WILLIAM PAUL are:

i. RUBY GRAY5 PAUL, b. December 30, 1927; d. December 08, 1997, Tarrant City, AL; m. WOODROW W. DAVIS; b. June 10, 1917; d. July 12, 1982.


Taken from the Birmingham News


Ruby Gray Davis , age 69, of Tarrant, died December 8, 1997. She was a member of St. Johns Episcopal for the Deaf. Resident of Tarrant for over 50 years. Funeral Services will be Thursday, December 11, at 2 p.m. at Roebuck Chapel with burial in Forest Hill Cemetery. Family will receive friends from 5 p.m., until 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening. She was preceded in death by her husband, Woodrow Davis. Survivors: sons, Ronnie Davis and wife Marcia, Don Davis and wife Lisa; grandchildren, Cacie, Kellie, Ashley and Alex. Roebuck Chapel directing.


ii. MARY LOIS PAUL, b. August 18, 1930; d. February 17, 1989, Tarrant City, AL; m. (1) BRYANT, Private; b. Private; m. (2) MANNING, Private; b. Private.


19. CONNIE MAE4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born Private. She met ARLANDO COLLINS COBB Private. He was born September 01, 1900 in ?>, and died May 02, 1936 in ?>.


Children of CONNIE KING and ARLANDO COBB are:

i. DOROTHY SUE5 COBB, b. Private; m. JAMES ROLAND NORTON, Private; b. Private.

ii. LAURA TEAN COBB, b. Private; m. (1) GALE SPRUIELL, Private; d. October 09, 1961, Monroe ?Ms; m. (2) JAMES DELTON TRIMM, Private; b. February 18, 1924, Lamar County AL; d. February 13, 1999, Lamar County AL.


20. LULA BELL4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born Private. She met HOBBIE LEE WOOLBRIGHT Private, son of HOBBIE WOOLBRIGHT and LUCY HOMAN. He was born January 07, 1906 in Pickens Co Al, and died October 10, 1989 in Lamar County Al.



Jack's father died before he was born, so he never knew the love of an earthly father. When he settled in the Lost Creek Community near Sulligent and married Lula Bell King, her father, Wash King, became the father that Jack had never known.

Hobbie Lee better known as "Jack" was born January 7, 1906 and grew up

in north Pickens County and south Lamar County, Alabama. His father was

Hobbie Lee Woolbright born 1881, died 1905. Jack’s father died before he

was born. His mother Lucy Lula Homan Woolbright Ruffin born April 15,

1887, died December 23, 1973, later remarried and Jack lived with different

relatives. At a young age he began working in the logging trade. When he

was around twenty he came into the Lost Creek Community with a logging

crew for Kentucky Lumber Company. They were cutting timber in the

Buttahatchee bottom. He met Lula Bell, they married and lived in the Lost

Creek Community until his death on October 10, 1989. Lula Bell’s father,

W. W. King became the father that he had never had. Jack farmed, logged,

owned a sawmill until about 1962.

In his later years he was a night watchman at Detroit Slacks in Detroit,

Alabama. After he retired, he enjoyed growing vegetables for his family and

others. He gave away more than he sold. He enjoyed people and was a

people person.



Jack and Lula Bell’s children are Jessie Nell, born December 30, 1928;

married William T. Woods; Katheleen, born October 28, 1932 died June 25,

1934 after a short illness. Robert Lee born August 6, 1941 and Barbara Ann,

born June 14, 1945, married Dewey Lee Carruth.


Taken from the Commerial Dispatch : Logger Recalls Old Days in the Woods"

Jack Woolbright is 75 years old. Fifty of those 75 years were spent as a logger, timber cutter and sawmill operator. Now retired, and living on a farm in the Lost Creek area, Jack began logging when he was 12. This was in 1918.


"I started skiddin' logs around for my uncle." he said, "I come in here when the Kentucky Lumber Co. was over here. And I helped log this whole bottom out down through here, the Buttahatchee.

"After they got through here, why, I just logged for first one, then another of those little sawmills for several years, then I bought me a team of my own and went into the logging on my own after I married."

Jack was married in 1928, at the age of 22 to Lula Bell King.

"About in thirty-nine, then I quit doing the logging myself, and bought me a sawmill", he said. " I decided to let the rest of'em do the loggin'. Up till then, loggin was all I knew. I 've been mostly in that all my life. And then, sawmillig got so bad that, in 1964 or l965, I quit that and went to farmin'". He was 62 at that time. " I farmed and night watched too for Coy Glenn, up here at Detroit for about thirteen , fourteen years. Finally I quit the night watching and farmed for two or three more years and then quit." He grinned " I still make a small crop, corn and patches."


Jack Woolbright talked about logging in 1918.


" Well", he said, " It was pretty rough then. There wasn't much to do it with. Just an old mule and an iron tire wagon. And, when we came here with Kentucky Lumber Company and went down in this bottom, here we logged with an eight wheel wagon and old iron tire wagon about 6 inch tires on it. Eight wheels 'n' five mules."

"Some of the logs we hauled out of there were just nearly as thick through as you are tall. we hauled some that cut two thousand feet to the cut in them. There was a lot of red gum in there, 'n' they were bigger."


"We logged that for them for several years. we stayed with them till they got done and they quit. Then we scattered our, and got on our own."

Jack Woolbright was asked about the biggest tree he had ever cut. " Me and Ed Kitrell once hauled a cypress out of this bottom down here that had five sixteen foot cuts on it," he said. "That tree had five thousand and some (board) feet in it. It was about six foot through at the butt. They had to weld two cross cut saws together to cut it down with. Most of those saws was about six to six and 1/2 foot long to begin with. They had about four men on the saw and it took seven head of mules to handle the logs. We had to use a block and line to get the butt cut on the wagon with. It was an eight wheel wagon. Most folks don't know nothing about a double block now, but that's what we used, a double block. Thing was, that it would triple your power. And the ground was about as dry as it is now and we mired down with that cut on the wagon about three times before we got a quarter of a mile with it to the landing. We carried it our to the railroad and dropped it off on the track there. Had to tie it to a tree to keep from turning the car over that they loaded it on."

Jack Woolbright sat in the chair on his porch and grinned, shaking his head. " There was so many thins happened when I was logging.. I don't remember most of 'em," He continued. "We handled a whole lot of stuff, and there ain't much to tell about it, other than just a whole lot of hard work to it. Now in this day and time, when you log, they take most of the manual labor out of it. But, that was about all you had back then, manual labor and a mule". He was asked about cutting logs for use as ship masts, and how long they had to be. "Well they'd take it in different lengths," he said. "But most of it was short lengths.

They finally got to where they'd comin' up, when everything else changes, and that did too."

"Most of what they cut down here in the pine was what they called dense pine. Real fine grain pine, you know. But what we called buttermilk, they wouldn't have it. Then you couldn't give it away, much less sell it. But the most that Kentucky Lumber Company dealt with and their biggest sale was this red gum and what they called 'figgered' gum, y'know. There was a lot of trees anywhere from three and a half to five foot through. And some of 'em were what they called 'figgered gum'. When they cut it off into a plank, it'd have different designs on it, just like something had been painted there or stamped there on it. That was the thing they mostly went for, I don't know what they sold that for, but we cut a bunch of it. That and red gum. And red gum back then was about the only kind of gum that would sell. Sap gum, where it didn't have the heart, it wouldn't sell then."

Jack sits a moment, thinking, then: "I logged with my own team awhile and then I bought me a sawmill. Labor was six bits and a dollar a day, and you were getting ten dollars a thousand for lumber, eight and ten when I was sawmillin'. You could get about three dollars or three and a half a day, when you were using your team then, logging in the thirties. So I went to sawmilling then I went to cutting cross ties for Hardin Tie Company, and I believe they were thirty cents a piece. and the lumber that come off the side of them, you couldn't give it away. But finally the war came on and everything picked up a little and it got to where you could go a little better." But after the war, with the birth of technology and the chain saw, logging as Jack Woolbright and others of his generation had know it, became a thing og the past.

Jack Woolbright was asked if he could think of any other specific stories about his logging years. " No", he replied. "It's been so long since I thought about it, I just don't recollect too much about it."

" A Christmas Memory"

This Christmas memory was written by Sr. A Barry W. Carruth pn December 24, 1989 when he was stationed in Blytheville, Arkansas a few months after his grandfather Jack Woolbright had died.

I'm writing this because I'm spending my first Christmas in 22 years without my "Pa Jack". It's still kind of hard to believe that he is gone from this world. He was so big and strong, it just seemed like he would live forever. I was thinking about all the times I'd seen him sell corn or peas and he would throw in a little extra ' just in case some are bad'. I guess what made me think about this is that it is Christmas and it's a time for giving and it just made me think about my Pa Jack. He GAVE 365 days a year, the whole 83 years he was in this world.

Sometimes he was hard to understand, because it had to be his way or not at all, but you knew that he was just doing it that way because he thought he was right ( and most of the time he was ) and he wanted the best for us. He didn't say " I love you" very much or give very many hugs, but he was ALWAYS there, when you needed him. If you ever got in trouble and needed PA JACK to bail you out . . . he would. If you were wrong, he would let you know and correct you. I guess what I 'm trying to say is he may not have said " I love you", but his actions. . . his giving ways. . .him always being there meant alot more than those three words could ever mean.

To you PA JACK I want to say, I love you and Merry Christmas. It's hard this Christmas without you being here with us. I know that you are having your best Christmas ever, Pa, you are with your Savior and we are still here in this single digit weather. I can picture you sitting by a big chinaberry tree, chewing tobacco and ole Luke lying there beside you! Pa, we're sad, we don't have you here with us anymore, but you are having your BEST CHRISTMAS ever!!! Again MERRY CHRISTMAS PA JACK.





Taken from the Lamar Leader:

H. L. 'Jack" Woolbright, age 83, of Star Route North, Sulligent, AL died Tuesday, October 10, 1989 at his home. A native of Pickens County AL, he was the son of Hobbie Lee and Lula Homan Woolbright. He had lived most of his life in Lamar County and was a farmer and a member of the Shiloh North Methodist


Funeral services were held at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, October 12 from the Chapel of Norwood funeral Home in Sulligent with Bro. Johnny Freeman as the officiating minister. Burial was in the Evans Cemetery under the direction of Norwood Funeral Home.

Mr. Woolbright is survived by hiw wife, Mrs. Lula Bell King Woolbright of Star Route North, Sulligent, AL; two daughters, Barbara Carruth of Sulligent, AL and Jessie Woods of Sulligent, Al; one son, Bobby Woolbright of Sulligent, AL; two sons in law, William Woods and Dewey Carruth, both of Sulligent, AL; four sisters Dora Stokes of Reform, AL, Bessie Hamilton of Columbus, MS, Jessie Ruffin and Ruth Lawrence of Ethelsville, AL; 8 grandchildren and twon great grandchildren.


10 12 1989

Written by: Barbara W. Carruth

I'm writing this as I am sitting in the funeral home with Daddy getting ready for his service this afternoon. So many people came to the funeral home last night to offer condolences to our family . I stood at the casket from a little before six o'clock until after 8:30 before I was able to move away. There was such a line of people coming in to view the body and offer condolences. So many kind words were spoken on Daddy's behalf. Comments about how he had helped them, or given them extra measure in vegetables.

So many lives he has touched, if he knew he wouldn't believe it!!

I remember Monday afternoon, I talked with Daddy before his death on Tuesday. We always talked each afternoon and would discuss current events and daily happenings and other topics that were important to each of us. He told me again how much God had helped him. He remarked that God was a powerful God and he could help us with anything. Nothing was too big for God. He mentioned about how years ago God helped him rid himself or kick a bad habit. Daddy knew God was real, because he knew what a work God had done in his own life. Daddy never knew the love of an earthy father, because his father died before he was born. If Daddy could talk to us today, I know he would say....don't put off a personal relationship with Jesus...let him have your life today. If Daddy had regrets, I believe it would be, the wasted years before he let Jesus control his life.

Daddy was a man of prayer, he didn't pray loud repetitous prayers. He was always talking to the "man upstairs". He knew prayer worked. He practiced prayer and he saw prayers answered and he always gave God the praise and glory in his own quiet way.

He taught us to support the church, your community and to believe in our country.

He taught us to stand up for what we believed to be right. Daddy believed that a man's word was his bond. " Always stand behind your word"! Daddy always said " Friends are worth more than money". Afavorite phrase of Daddy's was "the Lord smiled on him" That would be his comment as to the Lord granting him death in a few seconds. Paul said "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. That's what Daddy believed. And I know that he is with Him today.

Pallbearers were: Donald King, Bill King, Lavert Stokes, Waymon Stokes, Charles King, Steve Sizemore.





Fact 1: 1924, At age 18 had already been logging six years with his mule team and wagon.



i. JESSIE NELL5 WOOLBRIGHT, b. Private; m. WILLIAM THOMAS WOODS, Private; b. Private.

ii. KATHELEEN WOOLBRIGHT, b. October 28, 1932, Lamar County AL; d. June 25, 1934, Lamar County AL.


Buried in Evans Cemetery in Lamar County AL. Mother remembers that she was such a bright little girl. Granny King said after she got sick that Kathaleen had been too smart! She was a special sweet child. Granny felt like the Lord was choosing for heaven like she would choose flowers from her garden.

iii. ROBERT LEE WOOLBRIGHT, b. Private; m. (1) BERTHA MERCHANT, Private; b. Private; m. (2) PEGGY COLE, Private; b. Private.

iv. BARBARA ANN WOOLBRIGHT, b. Private; m. DEWEY LEE CARRUTH, Private; b. Private.


21. CARL WOODROW4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born May 30, 1914 in Lamar County AL, and died Unknown in Jefferson County AL. He met (1) FLORA Private. She was born Private. He met (2) MYRTLE MANNING? Private. She was born Private.


Children of CARL KING and MYRTLE MANNING? are:

i. PATSY5 KING, b. Private.

ii. SARAH KING, b. Private.


22. CHESTER CLAY4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born February 29, 1916, and died July 15, 1989 in Amory MS. He met CLARA MAE KNIGHT Private, daughter of ARNIE KNIGHT and SUSIE STAFFORD. She was born Private.


Children of CHESTER KING and CLARA KNIGHT are:

i. CHESTER WAYNE5 KING, b. Private; m. LINDA KAY PATTERSON, Private; b. Private.

ii. CHARLES DONALD KING, b. Private; m. LINDA CARROL ROBERTS, Private; b. Private.

iii. WILLIE WASHINGTON KING, b. Private; m. (1) JEANIE UNKNOWN, Private; b. Private; m. (2) YVONNE ELLIS, Private; b. Private.


23. ELENNA LOUISE4 KING (WILLIE WASHINGTON3, JOHN ROBERT2, WILLIAM H.1) was born Private. She met (1) ROBERT CRUMP Private. He was born Private. She met (2) BILL PICOT Private. He was born Private. She met (3) LUTHER HOWELL Private. He was born Private.



i. PAULA5 CRUMP, b. Private.




ii. BARBARA5 PICOT, b. Private.


24. WILLIAM HOWARD4 KING (GEORGE WASHINGTON3, HENRY WILSON2, WILLIAM H.1) was born Private. He met LILLIAN DALE DYAR Private, daughter of HENRY DYAR and ANNIE STEWART. She was born Private.


Children of WILLIAM KING and LILLIAN DYAR are:

i. GLENDA OPHLEIA5 KING, b. Private; m. RAVEL WAYNE GRIFFEN, Private; b. Private.

ii. FAYE JEANETTE KING, b. Private; m. JAMES C. PAINTER, Private; b. Private.

iii. MARY ILENE KING, b. Private; m. (1) WILLIAM ROBERT FLEEMAN, Private; b. Private; m. (2) JACK WAYNE FLEEMAN, Private; b. Private.

iv. ALICE SUE KING, b. Private; m. GARY LEE PARSON, Private; b. Private.

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