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Located Lamar County, Alabama, .5 mile west of River Road (County Rd 35), next to Marion County, Alabama Line.

Thirteen graves with marked headstones and names.

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LONNIE D. CANTRELL                       DELLA CANTRELL                           CLAY CANTRELL

BORN 1/25/1918                                    BORN 11/19/1871                                 BORN 2/19/1856

DIED 9/12/1992                                      DIED 3/28/1965                                    DIED 2/27/1937


WESLEY CANTRELL                        M.H. CANTRELL                                   F.N. CANTRELL

BORN 4/1/1899                                   BORN 6/8/1902                                       BORN 1/20/1899

DIED 4/20/1899                                  DIED 10/20/1910                                      DIED 1/29/1916



DOCK M. CANTRELL                    GR?EV CANTRELL

ALABAMA PVT. 324                     BORN 4/11/1912

INF. 81 DIV. 2/15/1922                    DIED 8/25/1924




N.C. LEE                                       R.B. LEE                                                           ROBERT RAY CANTRELL

BORN 8/25/1850                        BORN 6/28/1888                                               BORN 9/25/1936

DIED 8/31/1888                         DIED 6/29/1888                                                  DIED 10/1/1936


GAYNOR LEE CANTRELL                                                                               SOPHORNIAGIL MORE

BORN 12/10/1937                                                                                                 BORN 4/12/1855

DIED 2/28/1938                                                                                                     DIED 18/1883


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