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Kingsville Cemetery located in Lamar County, Alabama

Near Detroit, Alabama

Partial listing is courtesy of Barb Smith.  Thanks Barb!

Smith Margaret 1872 1943

Smith William March 10, 1888

Smith Lafayette F. October 7, 1834 August 20, 1911 ( Company K 42nd Alabama Infantry C.S.A.)

Smith Julia A. May 18, 1830 July 20, 1902

Smith Claude Cecil October 12, 1923 November 6, 1998

Smith Robert ''Phelon'' February 20, 1894 January 1950

Smith Mamie

Smith Robert S. December 21, 1947 December 31, 1964

Smith Infant

Smith Infant

Smith Essie Lee 1938

Smith L. J. March 4, 1933 May 15, 2002

Smith Lucindia 1861 1947

Smith J.E. (Jefferson) 1865 1914

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