by: Margaret Anderson Carr  (used by her permission submitted by Jean Carr.) 

 Directions to site: From Vernon go west  3.5 miles out Aberdeen Road past Lebanon Methodist Church. Take the first  road to the left, then the next left. You can see the metal fence with a  gate surrounding the small cemetery on the left.

 1. MARY EARLINE, daughter of A.E. & Hattie Morris 2/17/1908 -  9/17/1912

 2.GUIN EDGAR ,son of A. E.. & Hattie Morris 11/24/1905 - 4/20/1908

3.MARY PEARL, daughter of D.C. & S. J.  Morris 12/12/1892 - 7/5/1898

 4. a tall tomb with Mother on one side and Father on the other side  MINERVA TURNER, Mother  5/27/1813 - 3/7/1890

 ROBERT TURNER, Father  12/27/1808 - 5/6/1883 or 1888

5. LAURA E., daughter of W. A. & Mary A. Turner 3/2/1868 - 1/10/1869

6. MARTHA R., daughter of W. A. & Mary A. Turner 3/30/1861 - 1/6/1863

 7.__________,Mary A. & W. A. Turner  2/26/1880 - 7/4/1881

8. SARAH J. - 2nd wife of W. A. Turner 6/27/1844 - 5/30/1882

 9. W. A. TURNER  4/29/1831 - 9/2/1896

10. ELIZA FRANK TURNER  7/26/1866 - 7/20/1904

11. JAMES M. BAKER 4/26/1862 - 12/15/1935

 ESTHER A. BAKER  7/26/1863 - 4/13/1906

 12.JOHN EDWARD TURNER 5/2/1870 - 1/20/1925

CLAUDIA O. TURNER 8/18/1881 - 2/1/1966

 13.CLARNES ODAHLIA TURNER  2/19/1918 - 12/3/1918

14.WILLIAM A. TURNER, son of John E. & Claudia O. Turner  6/24/1903 - 7/21/1975


 NOTE: There are 13 small metal funeral home markers with no name,that

 can be read. And one small block of cement with no name,that probably

 marks a grave.

 We appreciate Margaret doing this census and sharing it. We hope you will

send any information you have on these burials  that have no markers and corrections if you see errors.


 The Turner Cemetery does not have a name sign. If you are interested in

 having a marble sign installed and wish to make a donation in any amount, contact the


Jean Carr


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