From the The Eagle Eye, issue dated April 10, 1896. The Eagle Eye was published each week at Sulligent, Alabama. James Earl Garrison, publisher, poked fun at persons in the community and county. Some didn’t see the humor in his statements .

“ Eagle Eye Glances or What we see Transpiring Among the Things, etc., of our Community.

M.W. Ingram is at home.

Mrs. W. B. Jerigan has returned home.

C. G. Clearman of Vernon was in town yesterday.


Sheriff Pennington was one of our pleasant callers this week.

Next dramatic rehearsal will be Thursday night at Dr. Redden’s.

Mrs. Margaret Bankhead has been visiting relatives here recently.

J. H. McGuire, a lawyer, from Jasper has shuffled dust this week.

Mrs. J. S. Guyton and Miss Ellen, who have been very sick, are slightly improving.

Dewitt Morton of Vernon attracted the attention of large crowds here Sunday.

That brilliant young statesman, Hon. W. C. Davis, of Hamilton was in town this week.

The town is full of hungry lawyers and starving justices of the peace last Monday.

Misses Naomi Ward and Cora Guthrie visited Guin last week in order to shed a few sheckles.

On account of sickness in his family, L. D. Byrd has been forced to postpone his trip to Texas.

Dr. Bradley has returned home after having done the teeth of his patrons all the possible good.

Dr. W. F. Elliott, of Crews, followed his whiskers over Sulligent the rear end of the past week.

Mrs. Maggie Jernigan and a portion of her children, visited an uncle in Sherman, Miss., last week.

J. V. Gregory mashed the juice out of our streets where ever he stepped, when he was here, Friday.

Neely Pride, a knight of the grip, who knows nearly everything, has been here since our last appearance.

Walter Nesmith, a bright legal light of Lamar County , was in our town Monday on professional business.

W. A. Gamble, the hustling solicitor for the Commerical-Appeal, was in town this week working for his paper.

Rev. May of Crews, came to see us last week, to get some job printing and to subscribe for The Eagle Eye. Who’s next?

J. F. Collins, with his blooming mustache and that I-know-it-all expression on his face, was among his friends here Monday.

Liveryman Jourdan of Vernon, who is a large-hearted, big nosed, great footed gentleman, was in town several days, last week.

County Superintendent, Wimberly chanced to be in our city last week and received several thousand dollars, of the school fund, from the express agent here, and then returned to Vernon with it, instead of making a trip to Central America as it is supposed that Judge Randolph of Montgomery has done.

John Cobb visited his girl here Sunday. She is also Raymond’s girl, and it was amusing to see Raymond, have duck fits on the depot platform, when Mr. Cobb drove by with her in an oxcart. And the girl looked as sweet as peaches and cream.

Worley Springfield has been quite sick the past week.

A sad accident occurred about six miles from here last Wednesday. Joel Johnson, an aged and respected citizen, while at work in the field, was instantly killed by a dead tree falling on him.

Vernon Jottings

Commissioners court is in session. The new jail is the most important matter that will come before them this time. Some contractors are here trying to secure the work.

Dick and Dewitt Morton visited in Sulligent Sunday.

Everything dull here and news is scarce.

We hear it whispered around that wedding bells will ring here before long.

Miss Minnie Summers is visiting in Amory, Miss.

J. J. Ray of Fayette, was here this week.

Pine Springs Breezes

Prayer meeting Saturday night.

J. C. Noe visited his Grandpa Saturday night.

Miss Fannie Hankins of Crews is visiting Mrs. Mollie Norton.

Rain Sunday prevented singing.

The professional barber of Sulligent, Tom Trotter is building fence on this side.

J. H. Sandlin and Miss Mollie McKinney visited Vernon recently.

T. N. Wileman and his clawhammer coat visited the widow on last Sunday.

Clemens Sandlin has dried his eyes and gone to Esq. Shafer’s

William Blaylock was hurt at a crib raising last week, but not seriously.”

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