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MS B is fortunate to have a wonderful family.  My husband, Dewey and I have been married 38 years.  

 Dewey was elected to the Lamar County Commission recently took office November 14, 2000.  He is excited about serving the people of Lamar County.

  He began talking about getting into politics about two years ago.  When he talked, I would agree, I thought it was a whim and would pass away. It didn't pass, he was serious, he said " I am 57 years old and I think I can make a difference".   I know that Lamar County will reap benefits from his commitment just as I have through the commitment that he made to me 38 years ago.

We have two sons, Barry and Berney.  We have them both living close to us.  They are both residents of Lamar County Alabama.

Barry is serving with the US Air Force stationed at Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, MS.  He and his family live in Detroit, AL.


Berney, his wife Samantha  and daughter Annia Belle live near me in the Lost Creek Community.  Now it can't get any better than that!!!  I get to see Annia almost everyday and we do a lot!! She was two in July and is a blessing.   Berney is a truck driver and Samantha is a fulltime mom and wife.


Granddaughter Summer Leigh Carruth in Beauty Pagent.


Grandson Casey Carruth, Sulligent High School


GranddaughterAnnia Belle Carruth


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