Taken from The Lamar Democrat October 20, 1926. “ Old Clipping Relates to Indian War of 1836. Mr. T. M. Woods of Sulligent handed us a clipping from some newspaper that may be of interest to the people of Lamar County. It lists the names that made up the company which was organized at Moscow for the Indian War of 1836.

The clipping follows: Below is the roll of the company of Capt. D. U. Hollis, which was organized at Moscow for the Indian War of 1836. Truly may her citizens be proud of their record, which shows that the sons of Moscow have always responded to the call of their country when ever the drums beat or the bugle sounds:

D. U. Hollis, Captain;

Leroy Kennedy, First Lieutenate;

T. C. Moore Ensign;

 James Whiteside, Orderly Sergeant;

 David M. Hornback,

Jesse Bean,

Anthony Johnson,

Joseph Holliday,

John Mayson,

Daniel Holliday,

John Johnson,

T. K. Guyton,

John Custar,

 John Cauble,

John C. Stanford,

 Robert Patrick,

Joseph Miller,

W. R. Reddus,

 Lewis Almon,

 Rufus Weaver,

J. G. Bankhead,

A. W. Moore,

Wilson Kennedy,

Kibble Terry,

John Matthews,

Berry Hollis,

J. W. Guyton,

 Isaac Rasberry,

G. P. Sullivan,

 Bysha Taylor,

William Carter, Sr.,

 H. B. Alberson

and Hirman Tarwater”.

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