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God Bless America

Monroe County, Mississippi

Welcome to "Just Across the Line".  This site carries information on families that lived on either side of the Alabama/Mississippi line in Monroe County Mississippi or Lamar County Alabama in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  I live in the Lost Creek Community in Lamar County, AL, " just across the line" from the Sipsey Fork Community. I grew up hearing " Oh, they live just across the line", when giving directions to a person's home. 

Some of these folks were related and just separated by the county line, others were friends through the years.  As a young girl, I grew up feeling safe, whether in my home community, the Sipsey Fork Community or Greenwood Springs Community.  Through this site I want to share information that I have collected on these families.  If you have corrections or additions they are welcome.  Click here to email MS B.

I am Barbara Woolbright Carruth (MS B ).  I was born into the home of Hobbie Lee "Jack" Woolbright and Lula Bell King Woolbright. My Mother has told me that she thought she  already had her family and didn't want another child when she found out that I was on the way!  In later years,( she is 91 now) she has told me that she is  glad I am here! 

If you have information you would like to contribute to this site email me.

I also have a page " Lamar County Kin". if you want to visit this site click here.


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 Rube Burrow, Train Robber 

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