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Taken from the Lightning, February 9, 1899

“Rabbit For Sale. We have about 25 pounds, which will be sold cheap, as we have no further use for it. Address C. E. Carter, Sulligent.

A. L. Hill, Guy Redden, J. D. Hollis, and Miss Dell Hollis visited the family of J. T. Hill, near Crews, Sunday.

To Cure a Cold in One Day take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25 cents. The genuine has I.B.Q. on each tablet.

Keep Quiet and use Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy for all pains of the stomach and all unnatural looseness. It always cures. For Sale by Sulligent Drug Company.

Gattman, Miss.

A. T. Johnson of Molloy, was here Saturday.

A. K. Ainsworth has moved to Capt. Bill Jones’ farm.

The work of building a tank and sinking an artesian well is in progress here.

Inclement as the weather has been the farmers of this vicinity are making extensive preparations for a crop.

The pleasant courteous and genteel W. F. Riley is at home now and is still an ardent advocate of prohibition.

Willis Springfield Lockhardt was here Saturday soliciting subscriptions for the Examiner. Look out girls! Willie is a widower!

The W. P. Cox lumber and shingle mills are now owned and operated by the enterprising get-up-and-get John R. Blalock and Sons.

Circuit Court to Convene. The following is a list of the grand and petit jurors drawn to serve at the next term of the circuit court which convenes on the 27th of this month.

Grand Jurors. W. I. Maddox, Lawrence Beat; Andrew Chaffin, Sizemore Beat; H. T. Stanford, Browne Beat; T. W. Palmer, Henson Springs Beat; J. S. Wofford, Town Beat; H. C. Cribbs, Military Beat; W. O. Pennington, Betts Beat; J. S. Colvin, Trulls Beat; W. F. Prater, Wilson Beat; R. C. Stacey, Ridge Beat; J. C. Johnson, Strickland Beat; William Atkins, MIllport Beat; A. S. Taggart, Vails Beat; W. H. Johnson, Steens Beat; J. H. Ray, Millville Beat; F. M. Lacey, Goode Beat; Ben Evans, Pine Springs Beat; W. M. Stone, Moscow Beat; J. C. Chandler, Bell Beat.

Petit Jurors - First Week. Town, B. F. Collins and Henry Matthews; Military, Hill McNeese, N. M. Jordan; Betts, Rob Lawrence, Wm. Jordan; Trulls, John Barksdale; Wilson, Peter McGee, J. H. Cash; Ridge, Kirk Pennington; Lawrence, H. E. Russell, H. S. Stockman; Sizemore, George Flinn; Bell, J. K. Thomas; Browne, L. M. Knight, F. M. Carruth; Henson Springs, Alfred Harris; Steens, R. B. Higdon, A. T. Rushing; Stricklands, W. M. Sudduth, G. W. Gilreath; Millport, Free Shelton, J. G. McAdams; Vails, Jno. L. Davis, MIt Atkins; Moscow, Lee V. Henson, W. G. Pennington; Goode, James Elliott; Pine Springs, Dug Tom Noe; MIllville, W. B. Evans, C. W. Took.

Second Week. Lawrence, John W. Brock, S. E. Harrison; Sizemore, Joel Reid; Bell, Archie Gilmer; Browne, R. A. Jones, A. L. Minor; Henson Springs, W. B. Barton; Town, I. G. Rector, G. N. Hall; Military, James Merchant, James Reeves; Betts, George Coleman, E. Henderson; Trulls, William Wallace, J. E. Sisson; Wilson, A. J. Atkins, Frank Seay; Ridge, Cleve Wright; Steens, J. H. Shelton, W. T. Walker; Stricklands, B. F. Cash, T. J. Smith; Millport, J. B. Hodo, Emmet Richards; Vails, D. C. McCollough, J. M. Davis; Moscow, J. H. Bankhead, J. A. Poe; Goode, John Molemore; Pine Springs, Harmon Sandlin; Millville, J. A. Davidson, J. H. Crump.

Call at L. S. Metcalfe’s for kraut, onions and Irish potatoes, pig’s feet and fish jellies.

Dr. Judge Buckelew now sports a new buggy and one of the fastest trotters in this section.

We have noticed that Luthur Stapp is now running the mail hack on the Sulligent and Vernon route.”

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