Taken from the Lightning January 5, 1899 .

The New Year finds me with goods on hand that I cannot afford to cover up with new stocks. Neither can I afford to stay out of the market as a buyer. Therefore I have ordered Cleaning Out Prices on all Goods left over from the Fall and Holiday Trade! In Shoes, Clothing, Shirts, Hats and Gents’ Underwear, I can now save Purchasers 25 to 50 per cent. Everything that Sells by the Yard, I am from 1 to 5 cents cheaper than other merchants. I respectfully ask the Patrons of the Markets in which my Stores are located to examine these facts for themselves. L. D. Littleton, Sulligent and Guin.

No Advertiser can reach all the people in Lamar County, of whom there are about 15,000, unless he uses Lightning as a medium. Our rates are reasonable, good results are certain.

Train Robber Killed. Was Shot with his own Pistol While Resisting Arrest. John Sullivan was slain yesterday about 13 miles east of Hamilton. John and his brother D. were charged with train robbery, and Sheriff Riggan and Deputies S. E. Henson and Lee Crump went out to make the arrest. John Sullivan drew his pistol and in the scuffle to disarm him, it went off with the above result.


A Happy New Year to all your readers.

“Pole” Jordan was in town Saturday.

W. J. Richards of Hightogy was in town Saturday.

Van Livingston is at home with his family for a few weeks.

Miss Mattie Wilkerson is visiting relatives in southern Lamar.

Dr. D. W. Box, of Molloy, was in town Saturday on business at the court house.

L. F. Pennington, bookkeeper for the Guthrie Brothers, Sulligent, was here Saturday.

Bro Price preached an excellent sermon in the Methodist church here Sunday. It is said that the Christmas tree in the Methodist Church here December 24th was a hugh success.

Mrs. Jala Metcalfe, of Sulligent, spent Christmas holidays in town with her mother, Mrs. Sarah Guin.

W. H. Reynolds, of Richards, was in town Saturday, as was also David Atkins of Fernbank.

L. S. Metcalfe was not able to perform his duties as tax assessor here Saturday owing to personal illness.

It is said that our friend Ardie Morton was shot through the hand last week, but we do not know the particulars.

Miss Clande Morton, a student of the Athens Female college, is spending Xmas holidays here with the parents and friends.

Quite a number of citizens from different sections of the county were here the last two weeks on business with the assessor and collector.

Tax Collector, D. I. Guthrie has been with us several days and to your correspondent he looks just as he did forty years ago in old Pine Springs beat and he is still full of “dry fun”.


More snow, but not enough to play snowball.

Miss Inez Trull spent a few days with friends at Moscow. Miss Trull is a welcome visitor everywhere.

The entertainment given Thursday night by Miss Lillie Hill was very much enjoyed by all who attended.

Our Xmas tree, Monday night, was very nice indeed. “Santa” was there; he is already a jolly fellow.

There have been several girls visiting Moscow this week from Sulligent. Say, girls, come again. A welcome awaits you all!

Young Dr. Buckelew is seen very often around Moscow. The doctor claims to be hunting, but we think he is “dear” hunting.

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Miss Rubie Buckelew spent Xmas at Moscow. Miss Rubie has made many friends here and we hope this will not be her last visit.

Miss Lillie Hill, one of Moscow’s charming young ladies, has gone to Texas for a visit. Miss Lillie has left many friends, who are sorry indeed to give her up and hope she may soon return.