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I would like to submit a query concerning Martha Jane Appling Beasley. She was born 1815 in NC and died 1907 in Lamar County, AL. She is buried in the cemetery in Kennedy, AL. She married Gabriel Dillard Beasley and one of her children was Martin Luther Beasley who lived all of his life in Lamar County. I was wondering if there might be an obituary for Martha as her family lived in Fayette, Sanford, and Lamar County from 1834 until the mid 1950's. Ms. Hattie Beasley was one of her grandchildren.

Deborah Stibbens


I was reading over your site on the children of Robert Anderson and Phoebe
Rimmer. Do you know what happened to Fielding Blaylock in
1860 and in 1870 and do you know if Fielding went by yet another name?
I have located a Fielding Blaylock on the will of his father Elbert Blaylock
it is in Decatur Tenn. I have sent for the will. In the transcribing of the
family of Elbert I have the birth date of 1793 do you know the siblings of
Robert Anderson in the same township as Elbert is a Benjamin Blaylock born
1791 he is listed with a 81 yr. old Catherine do you know who this Catherine
is? I am working on transcribing all blaylock and blalock's in 1870 that is I
am looking at each and every roll and copying the information and bringing it
home in hopes to solve my own mystery and let some of the data absorb.please
write to me melisa

Email Melissa


Look for information on the family of Lucy Chandler who was married to   James Wesley Thomas after his death, she Married Marvin Bolin.

Robert Thomas
Email Robert


Looking for Family Information. Eileen Gann is looking for information on the family of Watson's that lived in Beat 9 Moscow during 1900. They were living next door to the Sammy Sloan family. Their names were mother, Sarah A.; son Jessie E.; son, Ira H., son, Alvin B.; and daughter, Ruth C.; Sarah was a Cox before she married and was my great great aunt. Call Eileen at 205 698-8313 if you have information.

Email Eileen




Could anyone tell me who John ELLIOTT married?  He was born in 1849 or 1850 in Monroe County, Ms.  His parents were Henry Matthew ELLIOTT born 1827 and Elizabeth (McConnel) ELLIOTT who married in Monroe Co. Ms.  Other children were William ELLIOTT, Martha ELLIOTT, Montgomery and Martina ELLIOTT.  I would like very much to hear from anyone who knows anything concerning any of this family.  I have information on Hugh and Mary ELLIOTT.  Hugh was born 1800 and died 1865. They are buried in Lamar Co. Al.  They are the parents of Henry Matthew ELLIOTT.  I will share info.
Evelyn Elliott Oakes, 344 Blooming Grove Rd. Vernon, Al 35592 

Ph 205-695-7577



I am seeking information on my great great grandparents, Willis Finch and Elizabeth Catherine Harris.  Willis was born 1808 in South Carolina, the son of Thomas H. Finch and Eliza Finch.  This family left S. C. and moved to Georgia and then moved on to what is now Lamar County or close by.  Willis died 1868 in Alabama.   He married Elizabeth C. Harris about 1834.  She was born 1815 in SC and died 1867.  Their family consisted of:

  1.  John H. Finch, born 1837, married Jane.

  2.  Benjamin Simpson Finch, born 1840 in Georgia, died unknown date and location. He married Samantha          Bullington abt 1870 in          Arkansas.   

  3.  Thomas Harvey "Tom" Finch, born 1-26-1842, died 4-26-1929,  married to Talitha Douglas Morton on            12-27-1865.

  4.  Acenrith Genith "Leney" Finch, born 1843 in Georgia, married to George Walter.

  5.  George Washington Finch, born 2-20-1849, married (1) Amanda   

        Adaline Maith, (2) Mammie Gosa and (3) Stoddart Skelton.


  6.  Jefferson Quillen Finch, born 6-16-1853 and died 4-24-1945 in         Vernon, AL.  He is buried in the Love Joy Cemetery in Vernon. He married (1) Althie Jane Breedlove and (2) Sarra or Sarch C. Thomas.

  7.  Francis or Frank Marion Finch, born 1835, married Mahala   Catherine  Harris.


Also seeking information on an uncle, Realus Young "Dock" Finch.   Dock was born 12-30-1915 in Lamar County AL, the son of Dan and Laura Finch.   He died 7-27-1968 in the base hospital at Maxwell AFB, AL.  Dock was married to (1) Ellen Nunn and they had two children, Linda and Diane.  He married (2) Grace.   Dock was career Air Force and I would appreciate hearing about him from any relations, friends or people that might have served with him in the Air Force.

I am also looking for information on another uncle, Marvin Clifton Finch.   Marvin was born 4-19-1909 in Lamar County AL, the son of Dan and Laura Finch.   He died 6-25-1962. Marvin was married to (1) Clara Mae Chandler and they had a daughter Shirley.  At the time of Marvin's death he was married to a Lenora.   Marvin was a barber in Vernon, AL for a number of years.  At the time of his death, his death certificate listed his job as a prision guard.  I would like to hear from anyone that knew Marvin or was related to him or his family.

Bill Finch

Email Bill



I'm Deborah Welte Gosa and I am doing family
research on the Gosa family. We are up here in
Wisconsin and we are trying to locate who the
ancestors were who came up through the northern part
of the U.S. I just wanted to say that your family
history is very interesting and informative.

Email Deborah



I would like information on Alonzo Guyton. His son's were Tommie T Guyton,  Ernest Guyton , Duey Guyton,  and Atmos Guyton.  I think they were from Walker County or Lamar.  I am his granddaughter.

Email Wendy


My name is Verbin Hayes Jr. I am an amateur at genealogy, but I would like
 to find some information, hopefully even a photograph, on my paternal
 grandfather, Jess Hayes. I heard that Jess Hayes had done time in prison for killing a man in the 1930s or early 1940s. Supposedly, he spent about three years in prison then was released. He worked at the Mossier (Mozier?) Coal Mines and his family lived at the mining camp at the time.
 Some time after release from prison, he was killed in a fight with members of the Jack Loggins family and other Hayes family members. My father was only11 when Jess was killed, so I have obviously never met him. As I understand the story, the fight occurred at Jack Loggins house near Sam Spruill's store in Sulligent (near?).
The location of his remains is not a mystery; he was laid to rest at the
 Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in January 1945. His death is reported as occurring on 9 Jan 1945, but I'm not positive of that. What I don't know, is something about the man. I would just like to have some information about him, like newspaper clippings, death certificate or some form of photo; maybe a prison photo?

 I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. I left Alabama
 when I was 12, joined the Air Force at 19 and have now retired in Ohio. I
 make it to Alabama every few years, but have not had enough time to do much> > research there. I can offer to assist you with information you might need from southwest Ohio in return; I live just south of Dayton in a little town named Miamisburg.

Email Butch


I was wondering if you knew who Leona Carden Lewis's husband Walter Cleve Lewis parents were and if he was any kin to Everett D.B. Lewis who was living in Monroe Co Ms 1870's and was living in Al (Maybe Sulligent) 1888 to late 1890 before moving to Leflore County OK. Everett married one of my g-aunts, Margaret Herren( his second wife). Also a Charles Lewis who married a Jennie Herring 8/10/1883 in Hinds Ms. The next time you see Leona would you ask her about this. I have also been going to write you and ask you if you have any info on any Pitchfords who lived in Lamar co 1800's

Betty Blaylock Burrows

Email Betty



Hi Barbara , Been awhile since I contacted you,  but go to your website
often and refer it to others. I was going thru some old Loggains files and foung some things on Lamar County. Hughey Victor Loggains,son of John Clayton and Mary Thurman Loggains was bornJune 25,1894 it appears he may have been born in Lamar County. His brothers and sisters also was probably born there. they were ; Verona c b. 1875 married Anna Noe, Aaron H b 1877
Rosetta E 1879, Leec. born 1882 died 1970 in Ooinsett County, Ark.,Major H. b. 1885, Bama R. b. 1888, Emmer R b 1888, Ila B b 1891.

Is John Clayton and Mary Ann Thurman Loggains buried in Lamar County? I found Lee and Hughey in Poinsett County, Ark. after 1900 but can't find their father.

Email Deloris Raines Sutton 


Looking for descendants of Rena Pennington who married J. E. A. Wilson on 15th of July, 1884. Rena’s mother was Patsie. She had two brothers, Richard and Robert, and a sister Martha. If you have clues about this family, email



I am seeking any information about a Escar and Ida Pickle. Escar was born in 
about 1906 and sister Ida was born in about 1907. In the 1920 Census of 
Monroe County, Pickles Precinct, ED 59, Sheet 7, they are living in the house 
of a Jeb B. or Zeb B. Pickle. They are identified in this record as nephew 
and niece. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Green



My ancestors below were in this area in 1880-1900-1910-1920. would like
to exchange info with descendants
Mc Cory
Anna B Raines married ca 1900 in Itawamba or Monroe Co . Ms. who did
she marry?
Email Dolores Raines/Sutton


I am still very much interested in the Strawbridges. The link that I'm pursuing is one of my great-great grandmothers: Rebecca Strawbridge. The only thing that's come down through the family is the name, and some folks have it recorded as Rebecca Vinson Strawbridge.

She married Thomas K. Guyton. Among their children was Martha Susan Elizabeth Guyton, born November 29, 1853 and died February 28, 1933.

Martha Susan Guyton married Thomas Cussic Hollis at her father's home on November 5, 1871. The wedding was conducted by John G. Holladay, a Justice of the Peace.

If you can give me any leads, they would be greatly appreciated.

Email Sid


Looking for information on families of Lewis Monroe Thomas, his father was James Wesley Thomas, and his  father was Simeon Brantley Thomas

email Robert Thomas


Eileen Gann is looking for information on the family of Watson's that lived in Beat 9 Moscow during 1900. They were living next door to the Sammy Sloan family. Their names were mother, Sarah A.; son Jessie E.; son, Ira H., son, Alvin B.; and daughter, Ruth C.; Sarah was a Cox before she married and was Eileen's great great aunt. Email Eileen if you have info:



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