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Hi Ms. B,

My name is John Stanford, and I live in Jacksonville, FL.
Thought I would offer a little more info on the Stanford Cemetery # 1
mentioned in your website.

Elbert Randolph Stanford was my Grandfather, and Sarah Frances Caudle Stanford
was my Grandmother. Elbert was born May 4, 1854 in Beaverton, and died September 23, 1924,also in Beaverton. Sarah Frances ( Fannie ) was born March 14, 1870, and died in May 1935.

Elbert and Fannie were married July 6, 1894, and had six children, of which my Father, Ardie Lee Stanford, was second eldest, and was born April 20, 1898.

Elbert's first wife, Gerucy Ann Lockhart was born May 30,1858, and died May 1, 1892. Elbert and Ann had six children, of which my favorite Aunt Pearl Stanford Sizemore was the youngest, born April 27, 1890.

I am now almost 67 years old, and still have many fond memories of of coming down to
Aunt Pearl and Uncle Shirley' house when I was a very young lad, and going over there in the woods to clean off the graveyard.

As the years past, and even though my visits were still frequent, the graveyard fell into disrepair. Last year, in September, I obtained permission from Mrs. White, who now owns the site, and did a massive cleanup of the site. It was really a mess. It took two days to do the cleanup. In fact, I was working out there on September 11, 2001, and did not learn of the tragedy until late in the day. Quite a memory.

I am doing some work on our Stanford line, kinda as a follow up to
Laverne's work. I know there are a lot of our Stanford Family still living in the area,
and I would like to get together with some of them. I was visiting in Hamilton and Guin in May this year, and had a chance to get out to Beaverton and the graveyard. Hope to get back in the fall. If you know of anyone who would like to discuss our family, please give them my address and E-mail.

Thank you,

John Stanford
3026 Cesery blvd.
Jacksonville, Fl 32277

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