From the Past

Taken from The Vernon Courier November 18, 1887. Saturday last, Mr. J. H. Real of near Detroit called at our office with a specimen of silver ore and a gold specimen which is found on his place in fine quantities. The probability is that friend Real has a mine of both silver and gold.

Dr. R. J. Redden of Cansler was in town Monday.

Thursday morning as Esq. John Gilmer was driving two mules to a wagon loaded with two bales of cotton, the mule became frightened and ran at a rapid rate causing Esqr. to fall under the wagon, the wheels passed over his hips bursing him considerably, he also received a bad wound to the head.

Judge Cobb as we go to press, we are pleased to note resting in an n improved condition. His many friends join us in the hope that he may recover. The Judge is the first friend we ever had in Vernon and it pains us to see him sick.

Taken from The Lamar Democrat. Inspectors and Returning Officers Appointed to hold the November election 1898 were:

Town Beat - S. B. Thomas, P. W. Kemp, W. B. Matthews; M. E. Cobb, returning officer.

Lawrence - Tom Lollar, Noah Marrison, R. N. Collins; S. A. Hankins returning officer

Sizemore - Joel Reed, Henry Sizemore, H. Taylor; W. H. Smith returning officer.

Brown - J. L. Stanford, N. B. Guyton, T. J. Gann; John G. Gann returning officer.

Goode - George Hankins, Nick Childers, W. T. Stanford; W. A. Pennington returning officer.

Henson Springs - T. V. Webb, I. N. Henson, Scott Collier; Charles Weeks returning officer.

Millville - J. V. Gregory, Jesse Carter, Sam Jackson; B. A. Gillian, returning officer.

Pine Springs - W. J. Paul, Curtis Turman, T. J. Irvin; Dock Noah, returning officer.

Moscow - A. A. Hill, J. A. Poe, F. W. Merchant; A. U. Hollis returning officer.

Military Springs - M. M. Brown, Henry Cash, G. B. McArthur; L. C. Smith returning officer.

Betts - P. O. Brown, H. P. Cowart, L. J. Hays; O. S. Jackson returning officer.

Trulls - L. L. Delk, J. W. Abbott, A. W. Logan; J. S. Colvin returning officer.

Vails - E. Randall, E. L. Miller, J. Atkins; G. B. Coleman returning officer.

Millport - T. A. Phillips, J. N. Propst, J. B. Hodo; H. G. Hodo returning officer.

Steens - J. H. Cooper, J. W. Richardson, D. N. McNeese; A. J. Sanders returning officer.

Stricklands - Dr. J. A. Branyon, W. A Jonson, G. L. Guin; G. G. McDaniel returning officer.

Wilson - D. A. Bell, J. W. White, Chas Gillian; T. S. Atkins returning officer.

Ridge - J. E. Wright, R. C. Nolen, Silas Crawford; M. D. McGee returning officer.

Bell - Wood Hankins, George Gilmer, T. M. Hanna; E. W. Ford returning officer.

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