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The above picture is courtesy of Marvin Irvin.  Below is a note that Ms B received from him.

Ms B,

My name is Marvin Irvin. I now live in Mobile AL.  My Father was
born in 1892 in Lamar Co.  I was glad when you said you were writing a
section on Irvin, Ray and Pickle. My Father is Connie Eston Irvin.  His
father is Joseph H {Bunk} Irvin.  My Grandmother was Martha Jane Lewis.
Grandaddy Bunks father was Joseph {Joe} Irvin. He married Susan Ray. Her
Father built the Ray house in Detroit. Al. I am looking for information
on Martha Jane Lewis family.  I am sending you a picture of Bunk, Martha
Jane, Halen, Eston and Ila Irvin.

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